Should I go with natural or synthetic carpet fibers?

Should I go with natural or synthetic carpet fibers?

Both are excellent choices, but the difference lies in how they're made. Natural fibers are harvested from materials in nature, such as plant fibers or animal fur. Synthetics are manufactured and typically created from a chemical procedure.

What you decide will ultimately depend on how much you value specific characteristics. For instance, those with environmental concerns may prefer a floor covering natural fibers; large families with kids and pets feel that synthetic carpeting is the more practical because it tends to be more stain-resistant and less expensive.

Here is an explanation of the differences, but, as always, feel free to come into our carpet store if you still have questions. Pipestone Interiors carries assorted styles from brands like Mohawk and others.

Wool: the most common natural fiber

Wool rugs are soft, highly durable, fire resistant and, because of natural oils that repel dirt, they are also soil-resistant. These rugs are somewhat absorbent, however, so wipe spills immediately.

About synthetics

There are four most commonly chosen synthetics.  Nylon is the most popular synthetic, accounting for over 50% of carpets.  It is known for superior strength and excellent resiliency, meaning that it snaps right back into shape immediately after compression, such as footsteps. Stain resistance is ideal when a protectant is used, and it's an obvious choice for large, active families!

Polyester is a non-absorbent fiber, so the capability is inherent. It is, however, a little less resilient than nylon, so it's best for moderately busy rooms. Olefin, a budget-friendly fiber, is durable and also non-absorbent. Mainly associated with Berber styles, you'll see them often in busy offices.

Triexta is a relative newcomer to the market but has already established a solid reputation for strength and permanent stain resistance built into the fiber. As a result, this is a great choice, especially for homes with pets and heavy foot traffic.

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