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A new world with laminate flooring

In flooring, the material with the most versatility is almost always a better one, especially if you are working within a budget, andlaminate has plenty of options to choose from. For instance, it offers some amazing appearance options and it’s durable enough for even the busiest households. It continues to look nearly new for an extended portion of its lifespan, and proper care and maintenance can even extend that lifespan to a point. If you have more than one area to floor, it will be even more beneficial, as it meets the needs of a variety of areas in the home.

Pipestone Interiors offers an excellent choice offloor coveringsand materials, and makes sure our customers are always the highest priority. That means we’ll get to know you and your specific needs and match you with a material that meets them most closely. We invite you to stop by our Pipestone, MN showroom, where we are currently serving the communities of Pipestone, Marshall, Slaton, Luverne, and Brookings. We would love the opportunity to serve you as well and look forward to your visit.
Wood look laminate flooring in LuVerne, MN from Pipestone Interiors

Benefits of laminate flooring

There was a time when laminate flooring was the only available wood-look flooring on the American market. And it did its job well. Now, however, you can not only find this material mimicking solid wood, but it also replicates the look of natural stone and even porcelain tile. With so many variations of each material available, you’ll find it easy to match the decor and colors in any room of your home.
Durability has always been a part of laminate flooring. It features a thick construction that’s hard-wearing and resists many signs of everyday wear and tear. You’ll see fewer scuffs, scratches, and less fading, which means your floors will look better longer. It can even function well in kitchens, foyers, and bathrooms with a water-resistant option available. While not entirely impervious to water damage, it can and does give you a longer period of time to clean up any spills, dampness, or moisture accumulation before that damage begins.
You’ll find the lifespan in laminate to range between 10 and 25 years, depending on several factors including the thickness of both the material and the wear layer. Warranties will match, which give you great peace of mind that your floors will last just as long as they're supposed to.

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